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Develop a new brand voice to increase engagement

Introduced a fun & energetic voice to Foot Locker's social channels that speak to basketball and sneaker culture in a relatable manner, signifying a real passion for the lifestyle.

When I stepped into this role at Foot Locker, one of my primary goals was to humanize the brand on social. I achieved this by incorporating relatable copy, developing a Striper program to transform employees into brand ambassadors, and staying on top of cultural moments/emerging trends.

Given that Foot Locker's mission is to embrace youth culture, I created relevant memes to highlight products and increase engagement.

Partner with relevant influencers to amplify product stories and seasonal campaigns. For example, I collaborated with @Doggface208 to create a joyous skateboard video highlighting the all-new adidas ZX Boost. The video generated over 1 Million views.

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